It’s Raining Weddings!

They say marriages are made in heaven and in times when it is hell lot tough to find brides for grooms and vice versa, it seems bollywood and business tycoons are heading in the right direction and marrying on time by taking the dip in marital affairs on time. Whereas Sonam Kapoor got hitched to longtime boyfriend Anand Ahuja in what is termed as proper Punjabi tadka marriage. Another bigwig marriage announced recently is Mukesh and Nita’s Ambani daughter Isha Ambani head of reliance jio is all set to tie the knot with Anand Piramal son of Piramal group head. It was recently that Isha’s twin brother Akash got engaged to Shloka Mehta daughter of diamond magnate Russel Mehta.the Ambanis surely are going to be real busy in planning and partying for months to come.

Sonam Kapoor’s wedding has all the elegance and charm out of a bollywood movie with dress themes and all the subtle decors, celebrities joining the festivities in the best of attires and not to miss the selfie craze that hit the celebrities in similar ways as the commoners. The wedding saw the 2 very in love couple exchange marital vows and seemed that this relation will head strongly in future. Anand Ahuja is a Delhi based lifestyle and fashion entrepreneur and was introduced to Sonam some years back through a common friend. The couple had been going strong in their relationship for so many years and finally decided to take the plunge on May-8-2018. The grand reception saw everyone from the bollywood industry come together to bless the newlyweds. It was an awaited marriage after the Virat-Anushka wedding which too was one of the most sorts after weddings.

The Ambanis on the other hand had a formal function to celebrate the announcement of their daughter’s wedding. It was again a very colorful affair where Neeta Ambani was seen dancing for her daughter and dad Mukesh Ambani also shook a leg with his daughter. Isha Ambani director at reliance jio infocomm and reliance retail is alma mater of Yale University and Stanford business school has decided to marry her long time friend Anand Piramal in December. Anand Piramal is son of Ajay Piramal heading the Piramal group whose business is spread from pharmacy to financial services and real estate financing. The two families have known each other for over 4 decades and it seems that it is going to be an alliance of sorts. The Ambanis held a bash in Mumbai to celebrate their daughter’s engagement which was attended by the bollywood and political honchos alike.

It is such a clichéd situation that the weddings of celebrities and the business tycoons become the talk of the town. It’s all over the media and the buzz and the hype created makes everyone yearn to have glimpse of their favorite actors in a new role. How they perform the ceremonies and what all is being worn by those attending the event becomes talk of the town. What is the need of the hour is to respect their privacy as well and give them space. If we go on to think a little deeper somewhere in remote India there are still some girls who are waiting to get married due to paucity of money with their parents and there are some who still face brunt of their in-laws for not bringing dowry. I pray and wish that every girl has loving and caring families as Isha’s and Sonam where they are the princesses to their fathers and will be queens to their husbands. Wishing loads of happiness and good luck for the newlyweds and those to be weds.

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