J&K elections are going to be held within six months

J&K elections are going to be held within six months

The hot political game in Jammu and Kashmir is not going to end soon. The news is, the Chief Election Commissioner Om Prakash Rawat said that next assembly elections must be held in J&K within next six months.

Rawat addressed the media on Thursday saying, “It is necessary that we hold elections within six months, according to an order by Supreme Court.”

As per the inputs by news agency PTI, Rawat also added, “ The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly polls must be held on the first occasion before May. They could be held before parliamentary elections also.”

The Lok Sabha session is going to end in May 2019. Chances are high that J&K’s next CM will be decided before the next PM of India.
Talking about the dates, Rawat said that the election commision will consider all kinds of aspects to announce dates, without doing any hurry.

Jammu and Kashmir Governor Malik dissolved the state assembly on Wednesday evening citing that parties of opposite ideologies cannot make a stable Govt. His order to dissolve assembly came just a few hours after PDP’s announcement of making Govt with an alliance of three parties; PDP, Congress, NC.

The parties who were going to claim governance is heavily criticising the move of Governor saying that it is “unconstitutional”. Congress senior leader and eminent Lawyer Manish Tiwari even said that it is a “murder of democracy” and “unconstitutional, immoral and unethical”.

Communist Party of India joined Congress in criticising the Governor. The party was said that Governor didn’t dissolve the assembly when the previous Govt. fell. Why? And what was the hurry now, if he didn’t do it last time? Maybe to find new opportunities to make an alliance.

Many intellectuals and the Political Activists are calling the action the of J&K Governor “favoured”, too. The voice is rising that Governor is a Constitutional post and is above party politics, then why did Malik took the side of BJP?

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