Jagmeet Singh, an Indian-origin leader, made history in Canadian politics

Jagmeet Singh, an Indian-origin leader, made history in Canadian politics

In Punjab, the Punjabis call Canada as their second home in a light manner. The joke will now gain its momentum when an Indian-origin leader secured a seat in the House of Commons. Jagmeet Singh made history by making debut as the first non-white leader of an opposition party in Canada.
The leader made his first day in the House of Commons on Monday.
"I want to begin by expressing our solidarity with the people of New Zealand who are mourning the attack on Muslim brothers and sisters... in Christchurch,"  said Jagmeet during his opening speech. Coming himself from a minority, Jagmeet was best suited for expressing grief in the Canadian Parliament.
Talking about the direction of policies that he wants to be done, Jagmeet remembered an anecdote from India in the Canadian parliament. He said, “I met a mom in Burnaby. She bought a home, but cannot afford to live there anymore. Her daughter has a good job but only gets by because she lives in the basement. Her son does not see the future. Like too many Canadians, he has lost all hope.
However, the prime minister is telling families like theirs to wait for help. I believe that better is possible. Will the government commit to building half a million new affordable homes?"
Battling Racism:
The minority leader is famous among his followers of every creed for battling against racism and Xenophobia.
During a campaign in September 2017, Justin faced racism from a white woman. In a campaign event, a white woman interrupted the speech of Justin and shouted Islamophobic statements at him. Such was the ignorance of the woman that she could not differentiate between a Muslim and a Sikh. But the way Justin handled the situation won the heart of people. The video got viral on the Internet and was viewed by millions of Canadians.

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