Jammu and Kashmir split up PDP has to be a huge worry for BJP as their allies NDA look for options for the 2019 polls

Jammu and Kashmir split up PDP has to be a huge worry for BJP as their allies NDA look for options for the 2019 polls

The Jammu and Kashmir disputes regarding PDP and BJP alliance has been going around for a long time now. Just recently the news came out of the BJP and PDP split and that has kept everyone at their toes. It is the latest trouble in the NDA party. There is no doubt that saffron party has multiple political alliance whether it is Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar and Maharashtra. Also, we all know that they are going through a showdown with their alliance that can’t be ignored with the accusation game going on.

Amit Shah, BJP president, is trying out to reach out to them in order to maintain peace. But the alliance is nowhere satisfied with the way BJP was running the government for the past few years has have not stepped down in showing them their utter disappointment towards them.

On 6th June 2018, Amit Shah met Uddhav Thackeray at his residence in Mumbai to strengthen the party and try to get the support of Shiv Sena which went down the road and not as per the plan as Thackeray clearly stated that they are not going to give any type of support to BJP in the upcoming elections.

Shiv Sena was one of the oldest allies of BJP party but the clash for the past few years things were not going as per the plans and thing got out of control with contentious Nanar refinery project. The things got so messed up that Sena claimed it as the post-divorce situation. There were so many reasons for them to separate out and it seems Sena is not the only one that wanted out. In November, for the Gujarat Assembly Elections, BJP was snubbed by Sena after they stated that they will contest for 50-60 seats alone.

In March, Chandrababu Naidu Telugu Desam Party Chief simply left Union Cabinet by putting BJP-led at notice. There was a total of two ministers that were withdrawn from the cabinet and that only put more problem for BJP. The spark turns into the fire when BJP allies like Janata Dal (United) went against BJP and joined hands to win the upcoming elections with more seats.

This surely is changing for BJP putting them in a tight spot. Even Manjhi’s exit was not assumed so whatever it is BJP needs to deal with it soon.

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