Journalist revealed source to FBI, breaking the cardinal rule of journalism

Journalist revealed source to FBI, breaking the cardinal rule of journalism

An important rule that is being followed by the entire journalist all around the world is to ‘protect your sources’.
The worst things have happened to a journalist but in no scenario have they even opened up the name of their sources. They even went to jail due to this.

However, this rule is broken by Marcy Wheeler who works and writes for national security blog. She literally opened up about the sources and that too with FBI itself. She becomes a witness in the Robert Mueller’s investigation special counsel that is done to find out President Donald Trump connection with Russia.

In a telephonic interview, Wheeler stated, "On its face, I broke one of the cardinal rules of journalism, but what he was doing should cause a source to lose protection," "It's not a decision I regret,"

She actually gives everything out in a post on her Empty Wheel blog last week and left her followers completely stunned. People have seen her criticized American intelligence agencies time and again. Not only this, she was never happy with the penchant for surveilling US citizens.

As per the Tufts University professor of international politics, Daniel Drezner, “For her to go to the FBI, that made my jaw drop," Even though he doesn’t know her personally but still read her blogs.

He added, "It's like Glenn Greenwald calling up the CIA and saying I've discovered a mole,"
However, there is no publicly announced on the name of the source but it is possible that it will be done soon to everyone that is following the Mueller investigation.

She posted a text message on 9th November 2016 she received from her source about the 14 hours after the polls that were predicted to be done by Michael Flynn, Trump’s appointee for the national security adviser, that they would be meeting ‘Team Al-Assad’ in 48 hours.

"The substance of the text - that the Trump team started focusing on Syria right after the election - has been corroborated and tied to their discussions with Russia at least twice since then." She noted.

It is not clear on when she visited FBI other than that it was 2017. It is said that Flynn flipped and was pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about his contact with the government of Russia. He was fired by President Donald Trump in February.

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