Julio Ribeiro and the 42 other Ex-Civil Servants Demand about the Jayant Sinha’s sacking

Julio Ribeiro and the 42 other Ex-Civil Servants Demand about the Jayant Sinha’s sacking

The former police commissioner of Mumbai, Julio Ribeiro and Wajathat Habibullah, the former and the other 41 retired bureaucrats have demanded that Jayant Sinha Union Minister be sacked for the felicitating the eight convicts in a  lynching case.

A police statement has been released by the people of the former civil servants the action of Mr Sinha sends out a message to the people saying ‘there is a license to kill minorities’ and even the people who are accused of such a crime are ‘enthusiastically supported financially, legally and politically.’

The controversy was stocked by the Sinha after he was felicitated by the convicts after they came out of the prison last week on bail.

Last year on 29th June, Alumuddin Ansari the meat trader was beaten by a mob in Bazaar Tand area to death. It all happens under the police station of Ramgarh. This all happened because people suspected that he was carrying beef meat in his car.
However, Sinha was happy when the bail released was accepted by the Jharkhand High Court of the convicts was announced and even garlands and sweets were offered to the people.

In the past, the statement by the bureaucrats was made saying, “when there were protests against partisan support for such revolting actions, the central government "conveniently used the fig leaf" of constitutional separation of powers to argue that the locus standi lay with states, despite most of these states being ruled by the same party which was in power at the centre.”

They said, Now that a Union minister has openly questioned a criminal case where his own party government in the state had, admirably in our opinion, prosecuted and brought to justice the accused, we would like to know what stand the Government of India proposes to take. We demand the immediate resignation/removal of Shri Jayant Sinha from the Council of Ministers and an apology to the people of India from the party he represents for brazenly sympathising with those convicted of murder,"

On 21st March, the fast track court sentenced a total of 11 convicts to the life imprisonment. However, the Jharkhand High Court granted the bail of the 8 convicts out of 11 on 29th June 2018. The two out of the eight are in Hazaribagh Central Jail and one of them is in the correction home as they are juvenile. On 4th July another one of them secured the bail.

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