Kangana Got Trolled For Exposing The Cleavage On Cannes

We live in a country where a man can proudly walk on the street without wearing a shirt. But when a woman wears a revealing dress, everyone loses their mind. In fact, people start giving their NOT-SO-WANTED advice to the lady.
And not to forget, instead of shutting up such people, our great publicencourage them. One of the very big reasons behind such comments is social media. Yes, people think, if you are on social media, you have the LICENSE of commenting on anyone you like.
It’s not a very new thing to face such comments for a Bollywood actress. But recently, again this happened.
Recently, the bindass and bold actress of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut made the headlines by her sizzling look at Cannes festival. She wore a beaded jumpsuit from Nedret Taciroglu and exposed her cleavage.
However, the actress did not make it look ugly. She carried the dress like a fashion diva and managed to sizzle there.
Let us take a look at few of her pictures.
From which angle did she look vulgar? Now, let me show you some of the creepiest comments worth showing. People trolled Kangana with such comments. Let’s take a look.
Yes, these were some of the comments people made on her dress. Be it the ugly fight between Kangana and Hritik or her comment of calling Karan Johar a nepotist, the diva has always been bold enough.
This is not the very first time that people made such comments on the actress. Recently, she again got trolled for her dress which was basically a bra, wearing a jacket and green pants.
The point is, why are we so judgemental? If a woman is wearing revealing clothes then why do we connect her to porn industry directly? Cant she wear whatever she likes?
Even after living in the 21st century, if a woman has to face such things, what's the point of living in a democratic country? Why does everyone need to share their unwanted opinion? Think about it.

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