Karnataka Government stable, HD Kumaraswamy says, “No one can touch me”

Karnataka Government stable, HD Kumaraswamy says, “No one can touch me”

There have been so many questions surrounding the Coalition government of Congress-JD(S) for the Karnataka elections. On Friday, HD Kumaraswamy Chief Minister said that no one will be able to touch him till the parliamentary elections are done.

He also said that the alliance will go on smoothly as no one touch in the span of a year for now. He will be present until everyone is done with Lok Sabha elections. Kumaraswamy said in an event that he is going to take decisions in the coming year till they are done with the election. He is working for the betterment of the state so he will not sit and watch. Neither will he stop doing his job.

He believes that he must not waste his time and must focus on the work at hand as the progress of the state is much important than any other thing. He believes that it is an opportunity for him and he is not letting it go. He said that his main focus is to show people what he has done for the state.

His government is currently facing a problem with the political alliance and with his comment being followed by this has created a distressed environment for those who were opposing the coalition.

After the Assembly polls on 12th May where JD(S) and Congress fought against each other joined their hands in order to beat BJP. BJP with the governance of PM Narendra Modi has become one of the largest single party.

Kumaraswamy also stated that he is thinking about loan waiving and will be announcing it soon. His main motive is to help farmers and ensure that the benefit of loan policy must be given to each and every one.

Even with things happening every other day, we don’t know what will come up in the elections. With the mixed reactions of the voters, it is better to wait for the Lok Sabha election to see what it holds.

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