Katrina's breakup with Ranbir was a blessing to her. Read the full interview.

Katrina's breakup with Ranbir was a blessing to her. Read the full interview.

Weddings are making their places on page three of Newspapers, be it Priyanka-Nick or Ranbir-Deepika. But, the things which are evergreen on page three are - Breakups.
Katrina Kaif gave an interview to Vogue India which Vogue published on Monday. And in that interview, Katrina talked all about it- From #MeToo to her Breakup with Ranbir Kapoor.
Katrina is famous or infamous (up to you to decide) for not opening her lips and housing away from any verbal controversies. But in her interview given to the Vogue, Katrina is talking very confidently about everything. Here are some excerpts of that interview.
About Relationships and Breakups

“Oftentimes, throughout my career, there’s been such prominent talk about the friendships or relationships I’ve had in my life so that when you speak or when you’re spoken about in the media it’s in the context of another person and with another person.”
“I now see it as a blessing because I was able to recognize my patterns, thought processes and things that I had been so sure of my whole life. I could see them from a whole different perspective.”
Views on #MeToo
“It’s shaking up the film industry. There won’t be a single person who is not checking themselves and if they have ever behaved like this. They’re probably feeling fear as we sit and talk about it. And when fear comes into it, there will definitely be behavioural corrections. It will also make it more taboo to make subtle comments and gestures in jest. But it exists across industries, and we all know that the world over there is a huge discrepancy in the number of power women hold in the workplace as compared to men. That makes me think about the women who aren’t in big cities and not in a position to speak out or defend themselves. I do hope it will trickle down to other spheres—it’ll take time, but this is a start.”

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