KCR commented on Rahul Gandhi called him Biggest Buffoon

KCR commented on Rahul Gandhi called him Biggest Buffoon

In a very savage way, K Chandrasekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana called Congress President the “biggest buffoon in the country”. Rahul Gandhi also called him out in his rallies and today is like payback day for him.

When KCR or Rao was interacting with media reports just a few hours after he announced the state assembly would be dissolved that has managed to set out the Telangana on course too early polls. At the start of this week, he stepped forward of announcing his next move that prompted a dig at Congress saying “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slave ad puppet may have dropped the idea.”

KCR was smarting from that comment and during the interaction, today said an unfiltered attack on the Congress Chief saying, "Everyone knows what Rahul Gandhi is...He's the biggest buffoon in the country. The whole country has seen how he went to Mr Narendra Modi and hugged him , the way he is winking."

The 47-year-old Congress President has also referred as the much-talked-about the act of hugging in the Lok Sabha. When he was asked about the plans of Rahul Gandhi in the state, he simply scoffed and commented, "He is an asset for us. The more he comes to Telangana, the more seats we will win."

Rahul Gandhi had inherited the "Congress's Delhi sultanate" as per the Chief Minister of India’s newest state. He added that the people of Telangana are not going to be the slaves to Delhi. "The decisions of Telangana should be taken in Telangana," "Only a buffoon can say this"

However, the Congress leader RX Khuntia came forward and added that the Telangana chief has no right to talk like this about Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He said, “He is a Hitler, a dictator.  He hasn't visited his office because of superstition,"

Even Rahul Gandhi said that Telangana is the capital of corruption and even compared PM Modi ad CR saying that both of them have the same style.

Today in the early hours, the KCR asked the Governor to dissolve the assembly as a decision that was pending for some time now. However, this move certainly has pushed off the elections from 2019 mid to the end of this year.

Not only this, but the Chief Minister also named more than 100 candidates of his Rashtra Smainti of Telangana.

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