Khalistan Liberation Force banned by the Home Ministry

Khalistan Liberation Force banned by the Home Ministry

Among other achievements of Indian Democracy, merging Punjab in itself peacefully is a major one. Today’s generation knows very well about how Kashmir is a debated topic. But next to zero people know that there was a time when Punjab was on fire, a secessionist movement was going on to liberate Punjab from Indian Nation. They were planning to form a new nation called Khalistan.
Now, most of those secessionists are either in Jail or have left the plan of making Khalistan. Yet there are a number or two groups who are still active underground. Khalistan Liberation force is among one of them.
The centre banned the Khalistan Liberation Force citing that the goup is alleged to be involved in murders, kidnappings and other violent activities. The centre also alleged that the group was active during the secessionist movement of Punjab. The group is banned under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967.

Home Ministry released a media statement, in which it says, “The KLF was engaged in the killing of innocent persons and police officers, several bombings on civilian targets in India, the collection of funds for terror activities through extortion, kidnappings, bank robberies, and assassination attempts of important government functionaries.”
“The KLF has committed acts of terrorism and promoting acts of terrorism, and has been engaged in radicalisation and recruitment of youth for terrorist activities in India.”

The centre also said that the Police have busted not just one but several modules of the Khalistan Liberation Force. They have been busted over the past few years. Centre claimed that the group is receiving financial and logistic aid from foreign. Therefore, the home ministry said, it is better to ban the group under the Unlawful Prevention Act than to put India’s security under risk.

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