Kim Jong-un wrote a personal letter to South Korean President.

Kim Jong-un wrote a personal letter to South Korean President.

Among other things, Kim Jong-un and his foreign policy will be remembered as the benchmarks of the year 2018. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has written a letter to the South Korean President. In the letter, Kim Jong-un promised to meet frequently in the upcoming year to discuss denuclearisation of both the countries.
The Korean countries’ leaders met three times this year to discuss their relations.
According to a report by news agency AFP, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s spokesperson talked to the media about the letter by Kim Jong-un.
The spokesperson, however, didn’t clear how the letter arrived, as it was a personal letter, not an e-letter or official letter.
According to him, Kim “expressed a strong determination to visit Seoul while watching the future situation.”

South Korea took the letter in a positive manner. Moon said in its official statement, “I welcome chairman Kim’s intention to solve together the issue of denuclearisation ... by meeting frequently even next year.”

Kim (unlikely his predecessors) is trying to build relations with other nations. Though, he has started all this only late this year. According to the news agency Reuters, Kim also sent a kind of letter to the United States president Donald Trump. The letter was delivered to Trump on Friday. According to the US officials Kim talked in the letter how the two countries can forget their past and work on the future.

In a historic meeting of the two leaders, Trump and Kim Jong-un, in Singapore summit last June, Kim promised to denuclearise his country in order to achieve peace.

In spite of all these meetings and letter, the relations between the US and North Korea are still sour. As the US administration sanctioned on three North Korean officials. Among which one is a close and top aide to Kim Jong-un. After the sanction, North Korean leader talked to media and said that these sanctions could block the path of denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula.

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