Lalu Yadav following the footsteps of Sharad Pawar and come up with 5-minutes formula to pick PM

Lalu Yadav following the footsteps of Sharad Pawar and come up with 5-minutes formula to pick PM

The veteran leader of Bihar Lalu Prahad Yadav is a big name in the political world. However, now he have decide to follow up the path of Sharad Pawar of not projecting any of the opposition leader ahead of the general election that will occur in 2019. As per the leader – who is convicted in the four cases of corruption, the election will be about the issues of the nation and not about the Presidential style clash between the candidates of opposition parties.

On Tuesday, we all came across the verdict of Sharad Pawar who is one of the key interlocutors of the opposition, about the upcoming parliamentary elections. He tackled once that the BJP was beaten in the election and he have a perfect formula for it. She added, that the part with maximum votes will be able to claim the seats.

However, in an interview, Lalu Yadav is not far behind. He is currently out of the jail on the medical grounds on parole said that the parliamentary elections could be decided "in a meeting of all like-minded party leaders in five minutes".

It is not even a year left for the general elections and BJP has continuously attacked the lack of the candidate for the post of PM in opposite parties. The party jeered up and is a divided house that pointing out a crucial combats over the issues such as the deputy chairperson’s election of the Rajya Sabha.

Lalu Yadav added, "You tell me - except for changing the goal posts, what else they have done?" He even asked questions on the candidates of PM as a diverse attention for the parliamentary election "promises made five years ago and how people are feeling cheated as the Narendra Modi government failed on all fronts".

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Lalu Yadav had being one of the chief mover of the opposition party that has worked hard to stop BJP from wining for the second time in the row. Even his younger son and the political hier Tejashwi Yadav is currently leading his party. The RJD chief said that he is confident that more parties will come out and will fight against Narendra Modi’s government.

He said, "See, the fight is very simple... they are trying to put emergency and resorting to all kind of fascist tactics. So whoever believes in that, will remain with them and whoever believes in democracy, tension-free society, free speech and welfare of Dalits, backwards and minorities, will come with us,"

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