Let's wake up - Putting a full stop to these rapes

This is not India of my dreams. This is not the India which I thought I would have stories to tell about of. This is not the India where Rama and Krishna sagas were taught and preached. This is not the India where one can roam about happily at any hour. What is happening to our society is just unbelievable and unethical. The sensitivity with which a women and children should be treated and raised in a society is getting vanished from the minds. Is religious fanaticism the only thing which makes the minds work? Then it’s really disheartening to see that our progressive society is heading nowhere.

What happened with little asifa is very heart wrenching. The cruelty with which the accused men kidnapped, drugged, raped and killed her is beyond imagination and tolerance. What was her fault that she belonged to the nomadic Muslim community who roamed to rear their animals and that they were not being liked by the Hindu fanatics to settle in that region? They found her a soft target to raise terror in the community. In name of religion, at a place of worship, if such a heinous crime took place then morality and all the sanctity areal bookish words. It’s high time we keep quiet and lower our voices we should make such laws to punish the culprits with such harsh punishments that it just freezes the blood in the body of the accused. They should feel the same pain and fear that the victim faces.

The case of Unnao girl where she tried to immolate herself in front of CM’s house was the last resort to appeal for justice, is once again a case where the girl suffered immensely.  The caste dominated Pradhan of the area who is worshipped as a God in Makhi district of Unnao. Kuldip Sengar BJP MLA is accused of kidnapping and raping a minor girl. In the battle to get justice for her she lost her father. The regional political drama in the Unnao region is at its peak the MLA has been in the active politics for the past 20 years and all the villagers swear by him. But does being in politics give them the power to take advantage of the innocence of a child.

The bruising and the painful souls of these girls can send chills in anybody’s bodies. The candle marches and the dharnas are ways to express their solidarity towards the families in need of hour but are we doing enough. When the officials themselves are involved in this muck then where will the common man head for justice? Such laws should come up to hang the culprit; quick action should prevail so that the families are not at the suffering ends. I am falling short of words to express myself. The anger is so much that tears takes the place in these helpless times.

We don’t want to repeat what happened with Nirbhaya or Asifa. In a nation where the girls are bringing laurels by winning medals, to crush a flower before it starts to bloom is the worst punishment an innocent child can get. We want our country to be a nation where the women is respected and seen with grace and dignity. We want a nation where we can proudly walk with head held high. We should sensitize our society about the need to respect and care for the” janani” -the birth giver who is the foundation of the society.

The word “rape” shakes up my conscience, it’s ripping apart of a person’s ego, character and everything and leaving a lifeless body to live if spared. I just wish to mention "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" and really hope that these girls get their share of justice as soon as possible.

Surbhi Goel

Senior Writer 


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