Lionel Messi repeats his dream to conquest trophies with Argentina

Lionel Messi repeats his dream to conquest trophies with Argentina

Lionel Messi’s commitment towards Argentina is remarkable and no one can fathom it. However, his lifelong dream of winning trophies with his homeland has made things follow up. Last week, everyone says the self-imposed 8 moths exile of 31-year old footballer ending from an international match against Venezuela. However, he was not able to do anything in Madrid defeat of 3-1. On Tuesday, he lost over Morocco by 1-0-win Albiceleste resulting in complaints.
There were a lot of controversies that fire up due to his absence that stated that on Sunday, Messi was seen in the Cesc Fabregas’s Children as baptism. And on Wednesday, he even trained with Barcelona freely as per the reports.
Messi said in an interview, "People said I went back because of baptism," "It's nonsense. It hurts me that people lie. I don't hear or see these things, but my family suffers. Some will make up anything and people buy it. They say my father runs AFA (the Argentine Football Association) and that he does what we want. It's all lies."
He even said about his fitness, "The truth is that I have had this pubis problem since before the break in December. I have been playing less. In the last few years, I have been taking care of myself. (Argentina coach Lionel) Scaloni knows that and that's why he decided I shouldn't travel (to Morocco), that the rest would be good for me."
He was very much vocal about 2018 World Cup match where the disappointment match in Russia. In the match, the team lost by France in the last 16. However, he was looking forward to winning the Albiceleste trophy after his lost from the Copa America and World Cup in 2016 and 2015.
He said, "If I didn't want to (win titles), I wouldn't play for the national team," "Nobody is forcing me to. I want to win something with this team. I want to be here and I want to play in all the important competitions.

"When I decided to go back, a lot of people were against me. My son said: "Why do they crucify you in Argentina? I tell him it's only some people, that there are others who love me. I show my affection for the national team in a different way and to anyone who says differently, I have nothing to prove."

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