Lord Ram’s statue will be bigger than the statue of Unity

Lord Ram’s statue will be bigger than the statue of Unity

The new trend in Indian Politics says, “Forget Vikas, Religion is the new key”. And all the parties are doing work according to the trend.


Members of Shiv Sena are moving in numbers to Ayodhya to celebrate their different “days”. VHP and other groups are showing their resentment to BJP for not building the Ram Mandir and the Yogi has just announced the key details of the “upcoming” Ram statue. The statue planned to be built by Yogi Govt. is expected to be built of height 221 meters on the banks of Saryu river.


Yogi Govt. is claiming that its height would be more than that of Statue of Unity.


Yogi Govt said in a press release that the Chief Minister has approved the plan of the statue. In the release, it is confirmed that the statue will be made of bronze. The body of Lord Ram would measure 151 metres, on the pedestal on which it would stand would be of height 50 metres, and the cover over the head would be of 20 metres. The net height of the statue would even surpass the newly built statue of unity. The height of Statue of Unity is 183 metres.


The press release also showed a photo of Lord ram, possibly the design of the Statue.


The Govt. yet has not disclosed the location, cost and source of funding of the statue.


This statue announcement is made amid the communal environment where right winged bodies like Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Shiv Sena is pressuring BJP to pass an ordinance to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.


PM Modi build a statue of Sardar Patel worth 3000 crores, Yogi Aditynath is going to build a statue of Lord Rama. What next? Next is a statue of Mother Cauvery of 125feet hight built by Karnataka Govt.


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