LPG cylinders’ price decreased. Know the new rates

LPG cylinders’ price decreased. Know the new rates

Amid all the bad news and chaos for the poor, a little good news is coming from the Indian Oil Cooperation. According to a statement released by the cooperation on Friday evening, the non-subsidised cylinders will be cheaper by Rs 133 per cylinder while subsidised liquefied petroleum gas, used for cooking, will be cheaper by Rs 6.50 per cylinder from December 1.


The official statement released by IOC says, "Accordingly, the upfront cash payment by the consumer for the purchase of domestic LPG refill will reduce by Rs 133 cylinder, i.e. from Rs 942.50 per cylinder to Rs 809.50 cylinder in December 2018 in Delhi market."


What are the new costs?


According to the readjusted prices, the new prices in the market will be; A non-subsidised cylinder will now cost Rs 809.50 in Delhi, as against Rs 942.50 earlier, while the standard 14.2-kg subsidised LPG cylinder will cost Rs 500.90.


The prices of LPG cylinder are increasing for the last six months, and it is the first time when the price is decreased even a single penny.


The subsidies that are given to the customers vary from month to month in accordance with the international benchmark LPG rate and foreign exchange rate.




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