Mamata Banerjee courts allies were cried with ‘dui hazaar unnesh, BJP Finish’

Mamata Banerjee courts allies were cried with ‘dui hazaar unnesh, BJP Finish’

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee was on fire and hit out the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) at the centre saying that they are using the CBI in order to harass the regional leaders. She even gave a rallying cry with the motto to finish off the BJP government in 2019 Lok Sabha General Elections.

While she was addressing the huge gathering at Kolkata’s Mayo Road on TMC’s Chhatra Parishad’s foundation day event, she said, “Dui Hazaar Uneesh (2019), BJP Finish,”

Mamata added that she had a huge respect for the CBI but then the agency has started to terrorise the regional party leaders such as Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, Lalu Prashad, MK Stalin and HD Kumaraswamy with the orders of BJP government. She even bought out a statement saying that the straps in the favour are used and is an attempt to woo if the federal front that is taking up the shape of the parliamentary election in 2019.

She requested everyone to not be worked out for the face of PM but this thing is becoming difficult to maintain and keep under hooks. The rumours of her as an applicant are not dying off which can cause her a lot of trouble. She even attacked the BJP government on the funding and on the lion’s share of money that they are offering from the foreign countries.

She added, “They are collecting foreign funds and raising fingers at us in chit fund scam. It is unfortunate that they are receiving foreign funds but the agency (CBI) is sending notices to those who are raising their voice against them. Not only CBI, they are also using Income Tax and ED to harass us. TMC doesn’t need money from chit funds to do politics,” 

She has promised that she will give an inch by inch reply to the government on the harassment of the politician on the name of the agency. She added, “They may have money but we have brain,” she said.

For the BJP vitiating the Indian atmosphere, she added, “They are trying to divide people based on their religion. In the name of religion, they are lynching minorities and Dalits. They are now dictating what to eat and what to wear. Our country is passing through a crisis. There is super emergency and we need to fight back,”

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