Mamta stopped Shah's Rath Yatra even before its start.

Mamta stopped Shah's Rath Yatra even before its start.

Last time it was Lalu who confronted Rath Yatra, this time Didi came out as Massiah. But last time Lalu paid his seat of CM for it, what Mamta is going to pay?


According to the report by news agency PTI, West Bengal Govt led by Mamta Banerjee told the court that it is not going to permit the Rath Yatra. Rath Yatra is a purposed election tour by BJP supremo Amit Shah.


As per the files of Calcutta High Court, Cooch-Behar's superintendent of police denied the permission to let Rath Yatra pass through Bengal citing the reason that it can increase communal tensions.


BJP, earlier, asked permission from West Bengal’s Govt but the Govt didn’t respond to their permission. BJP then moved to Calcutta High Court claiming that the state administration is not giving them permission to hold a rally in the state.

The petition regarding permission was filed on 30th of November and the rally is proposed to start on 7th of December.

West Bengal Govt is claiming that it is their duty to maintain law and order in the state, so they can’t give permission for the rally that may incite communal tension.

Quoting BJP state unit chief Dilip Ghosh, “In a democratic set up all political parties are at liberty to pursue their programme. The government has no business stopping it.”


BJP leaders, apparently, are saying that with or without permission, they are going to hold the rally. They said that if Mamta didn’t allow them to hold the rally, they will do it in the name of “Save Democracy.”


Last time when BJP held Rath Yatra in 1992, Babri Masjid demolition happened. Time will tell what will happen this time.

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