Manmohan Singh advised Modi to set an example for others

Manmohan Singh advised Modi to set an example for others

Prime Minister and senior Congress leader Dr Manmohan Singh advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to set an example for other and try not to use any language that doesn’t seem Prime ministerial.


According to a report by News agency PTI, Dr Manmohan Singh was addressing the public in an event and said, “ My advice to the prime minister is that he should exercise due restraint becoming of the office of the prime minister. The prime minister, when he goes to states which are ruled by parties other than to which he belongs, I think, has an obligation not to use the language of the kind which has now become a common practice.”


This statement of Dr Singh came when PM Modi is on his tour for upcoming Assembly elections. Modi is seen attacking several times attacking Congress in his addresses. In a recent speech of his, Modi was seen accusing Congress of not doing progress in Mizoram, while the rest of eastern states are had progressed as they are run by BJP led government.


Manmohan also said that while he was on the chair of PM, he maintained good relations with the chief ministers of other parties. He said that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan can give testimony of his words. He said, “While Congress-led UPA was in government, we did not discriminate between Congress-led and non-Congress led states.”


“So what I would say is that the prime minister of the country must set an example... he is the prime minister for all citizens of our country and his conduct must be worthy and consistent with that obligation that he/she has as prime minister,” he added.


Not just Manmohan Singh, other senior Congress leaders are taking Narendra Modi head on. Jairam Ramesh, senior leader and former Union Minister, said that BJP is carrying out a campaign of Polarisation.


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Modi, on the other hand, accused Congress leaders of dragging the names of his parents for luring voters. He said that Congress leaders don’t have the guts to confront me, so they are dragging my parents into it.



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