Manmohan Singh unwilling to run election from Punjab

Manmohan Singh unwilling to run election from Punjab

 In the late period of UPA-2, the media was bashing the government led by Congress. Scams after Scams were disclosed by various leaks, RTIs. Media portrayed Manmohan Singh as some kind of silent PM who let all these things happen. At the end of his term, Manmohan Singh said, “History will portray me better than this.” Now, those were some visionary words.
After the failure of Narendra Modi on the economic front, people have started to think Manmohan Singh as a some statesman who did more of good work ans less of talking. And this is confirmed by his increasing demand in Punjab. The Punjab Congress unit has requested Ex-Prime Minister to conntest the upcoming election from Amritsar.
Manmohan Singh, however, is unwilling to do the job. According to some media sources, Singh has “not responded positively" till now.
This is not the first time when the Punjab Congress Unit has made such a request. In the 2009 elections, he was requested to contest from the same seat of Amritsar. But, Singh denied the request that time citing his bad health conditions.
Amritsar seat holds high regards in the eyes of Punjab politics. As it has the holiest shrine of Sikhs, only big names contest from that seat. In the last 2014 elections, the Bhartiya Janta Party made Arun Jaitley, the finance minister of India, to contest from the seat. From the Congress’ side, it was Captain Amrinder Singh. Singh won the seat and is now the Chief Minister of Punjab.
Manmohan Singh has a history of never winning even a single Lok Sabha election. However, he is a veteran Rajya Sabha Member. Singh is in the upper house of parliament since 1991 from Assam. His current term of Rajya Sabha is going to end on the 14th of June.

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