Mayawati Birthday: Item songs, cake loots and a reason why we should we be ashamed of today’s leaders.

Yesterday marked as the Sixty-third birthday of Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati. His party members celebrated the birthday with some girls dancing on item numbers and a cake of 63 Kg (which was looted by people who came to the party).
And that shows the basic difference between Today’s leaders and the leaders of our freedom struggle.
2nd October 1947 was the last birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. His disciples, unlike that of Mayawati, decided to go to Mahatma Gandhi and wish him personally.
One disciple of Gandhi asked if he would not listen to All India Radio who had planned a special program to commemorate his birthday? To this, he replied, “I would rather give more importance to the rentio (spinning wheel in Gujarati) rather than the radio.”
With that note, here is the video of people looting gigantic cake, and dancers dancing on obscene songs.


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