Mehul Choksi from the hideout in Antigua fretting about the employees

Mehul Choksi from the hideout in Antigua fretting about the employees

Mehul Choksi is one of the most wanted accused of the fraud case of over Rs 13,000 crore that fled off from India in January. He has now blamed the government for the uncertain future that is now faced by his shareholders and employees. He spoke on a camera from Antigua for the second time after leaving the country and said that he is currently living in terror because of the wrong complaints that are filed against him.

He said, "My bank accounts were frozen, my merchandise was taken, my server was taken, all within one week's time. Before I came back from the hospital, nobody was working for my company," He even added that he was in the USA for the treatment which is the only reason that he was not able to return to India.

The government is trying to get a hold of a jeweller who supposedly left India with his nephew Nirav Modi who is the celebrity diamond jeweller. They are currently living in Antigua and Barbuda that granted the citizenship last year.

Choksi added that he won’t be surrendering his passport as it had being revoked "without explanation as to why I am a security threat".

He held the government accountable for the future of his 600 employees and shareholders of the Gitanjali Jewelers. He questioned the government saying if ‘any company in the world or India’ has been closed down within a week.

He added, "What will happen to my shareholders? What will happen to my people? What will happen to handicapped people that have been hired by the company? Why didn't anybody think about it...before deciding to shut the company in one day?"
Choski is the most wanted person by several agencies who are investigating him for the biggest fraud of around Rs 13,000 crore at India’s second largest bank – PNB _ Punjab National Bank. The offshoots of the fraud are still probed by the agencies.

The banks claimed that in the Mumbai branch, Nirav Modi and others are credited for the violation of the rules. All the details were out in open at the start of the year when Nirav Modi tried to seek on the fresh loan.

However, as per Choski, the government is trying to frame him due to the political conspiracy after which the request of the extradition was put up on hold.

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