Melania Trump bashed in public from Eddie Vedder’s wife jacket “Yes We All Care. Y Don’t U?” at Pearl Jam concert

Melania Trump bashed in public from Eddie Vedder’s wife jacket “Yes We All Care. Y Don’t U?” at Pearl Jam concert

If you are following the political world then you might be aware that it is not new to use your clothes as a medium to showcase your thoughts in public, it is that common practice. The first lady of America Melania Trump was seen in public wearing a jacket that created a serious offensive statement towards her. The bigger part is that the celebrities are also defaming the first lady. However, the thing is that her jacket seems too offensive to everyone which she wore while visiting the children that were separated from their parents. All thanks to the Trump immigration policy “no tolerance”.

Her coat said “I really don’t care, do u?” which was said to be a huge low point. Well, the celebrities just couldn’t hold their anger after this episode which was clearly seen in their tweets and Instagram posts. The most shocker came when Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill came up on the stage of her husband’s concerts by wearing a jacket saying “Yes We All Care, Y Don’t U?” which was a slap on everyone’s face supporting Melania after her episode.

The photo went viral on twitter which was updated by band first and then the user’s uproar was all that is heard. There were people who wanted to gift similar military jacket to Melania. The tweet started with Pearl Jam followed by Eric Alper and then the followers were all on their own self with series of comments.

“I hope this message is for the immigrant kids. We all care.”

“THIS First Lady has a heart and a brain #VoteForEddieAndJillVedder”

That makes me love the band more than I already do!”

These are the few comments that were seen while others were rotting for Jill to be the first lady. However, it might not be the first or last time that a celebrity or an artist attack POTUS and his immigration policy. In London, during Europe tour, Vedder has even dedicated a song for Trump “Love Boat Captain” with a statement “For mom’s and dad’s and children being separated at the border. That isn’t the country I remember”.

However, if you think Vedder is the only one with this response then you might be wrong as there are many US brands that are selling these type of jackets. The amount collected by selling the jacket will be donated to Texas-based refugee and immigrant advocacy group.

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