Michael Holdings slammed by Hardik Pandya, “Nowhere near Kapil Dev” jibe after routing England

Hardik Pandya, the all-rounder of Indian cricket team, routed England team in the Test Cricket with his maiden five-wicket. He even urged pundits like Michael Holdings to access hi off on all of his life merits after the West Indies great said that he was “nowhere near” becoming India’s next Kapil Dev.
This all-rounder pace bowler is currently playing for India in his 10th test. On Sunday, it has already made him the most of the swing-friendly conditions on offer to take five of the 28 and has managed to make England collapse at a good 161 all out at Trent Bridge.

India has now pressed down to the advantage of over 124 for the two at stumps in their second innings. They have a commanding 292 runs on the second day of the third test.

For his, he told the reports, "I have never wanted to be Kapil Dev," "Let me be Hardik Pandya, I am good at being Hardik Pandya, I played 41 ODIS and 10 Tests being Hardik Pandya, not Kapil Dev."

This 24-year-old man was an averaging 32 with the bat and even with balls, he was approx. 39 in the test cricket prior to this. This simple thing had made the fast bowler West Indies Holding to pass of comment in an interview along with the lines of "find someone who can contribute a lot more to this team right now".

Holdings said, "I don't think he does a lot with the ball,” "He is not consistent." "I heard a mention when I was working in South Africa: 'he is the next Kapil Dev'. I ain't going to tell anybody he's not going to be the next Kapil Dev, but he is nowhere near there yet. "And they (India) need to find someone who can contribute a lot more to this team right now."

For this Hardik came forward and cleared all of the air saying, They (the players of Holding's generation) have created their era, let me be Hardik Pandya, let's stop comparing me with anyone,". "My team is happy with me. Nothing else matters."

On Sunday, England was bowled out in a session despite an opening of 54 stands. This has spread a fire since the slump was the third one it has happened to them in the last 22 month when they went 80 years without losing all 10 wickets in a test session.

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