Mid-term elections: House is in control of Democrats now

Mid-term elections: House is in control of Democrats now

In short:
On Tuesday, Democrats won control of the House of Representatives. The bad news for Trump in it is that by winning the house of representative, Democrats also have won the ability to put checks on Donald Trump’s power in Congress.

Republicans, on the other hand, performed good in the house of Senate and gained the majority there.

With the winning of Democrats in the House of Representatives, Republicans will no longer have the power to pass legislation with GOP votes alone. Now, to get any bills through Congress, Trump and his allies will have to fight with Democrats. And now that Democrats are in power, it is easier for Congress to start an investigation on Trump administration.

The good news came for trump in the election results is that Democrats did not win in the Senate. And Trump can still nominate his favourites in Supreme Court, Cabinet, and other powerful positions. 

Now in details:-
The Democrats have won the US House of Representatives in the mid-term elections, which is a major setback to President Donald Trump.

A Democratic majority in the lower chamber for the first time in eight years will make it difficult for Trump to pass his bills through Congress.

But Republicans have held their position in the Senate. 

President Trump referred to the Senate and patted himself by quoting a News anchor.

What it means to be a Democrats majority House?
The Democrats won the House. They won more than the 23 seats they need to take over the lower chamber of Congress, i.e. the House of Representatives.

The Democrats could now start investigations into Mr Trump's administration and business affairs. They can now make Trump accountable for his Taxes and his conflict of interest, in inclusion to other things. 

They now have the power to stop passing bills of Donald Trump. Including his infamous bill of building a wall along the border with Mexico.

Americans voted for all of the 435 seats in the House.

What's going on in the Senate?
Before midterm, The Republicans represented 51 seats from total 100 seats in the Senate but after the mid-term, they increased it to 54.
Talking about The Senate race, The Democrats were always on back foot. In the mid-term polls, The Democratic Party had 26 seats to lose but The Republican Party were vulnerable to only 9 seats.

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