Migrant Children will be detained with their parents, Said by US Government

Migrant Children will be detained with their parents, Said by US Government

On Friday, US Government came forward and said in the court filing that they have every right to detain the immigrant parents and children that are found crossing the US-Mexico borders illegally until their immigration proceedings are not completed.

However, a 1997 court settlement knows better as for the Flores agreement which has been deduced will require the Department of Homeland Security in order to release the immigrant’s children that were found with their parents illegally crossing the borders from their custody after 20 days.

However, according to the Justice Department Lawyers, on Friday, the filling in US district in California said that there is not much of a choice apart from holding children a long time until the immigration cases are being solved. This delay is because of the preliminary injunction that is issued on Thursday for the separate cases of immigration.

These type of cases have bought the American Civil liberties union in San Diego a different challenge that has evoked the policy that are separating families to detain parents for a long time till it is necessary that comes under the zero-tolerance policy by Donald Trump.

In May, the policy was implemented where the families that are trying to the break-in by crossing the US-Mexico borders are separated by families. Around 2000 kids are under the protection of the government whereas their parents are fighting off the case.

There was a reverse order for this policy that was injected in San Diego that comes into play as soon as possible. The parents are no separated from their kids and it is even said that the separated families will be reunited with each other in the span of 30 days maximum.

On Friday government said to comply the injunction, "will not separate families but detain families together during the pendency of immigration proceedings." The cases take around a year or so to settle down so they are taking an easy way down.

If we talk about the previous administrations, children and parents can be released to pursue their immigration claims on the liberty of United States. Trump has come up with a catch and release policy and has given the order to detain the immigration violators. The reverse mechanism was done when the people all around started to oppose the decision and Trump didn’t know what to do.

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