Modi failed his promises, said Rahul in Rajasthan

Modi failed his promises, said Rahul in Rajasthan

Gone are the days when Politicians used to announce their Party manifestos in the elections campaigns, rallies. Throwing muds, talking about rivals is the new cool in Indian Politics.


Congress Supremo Rahul Gandhi is on his election tour in Poll bound Rajasthan. There, while addressing to a rally, Rahul said that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to fulfill his promises of Vikas and lakhs of Jobs. Rahul said that Narendra Modi had promised of employment to more than two crore youth of India in his election campaign of 2014. 

“If employment was given, why did four men commit suicide in Alwar?”, Rahul added.


He said all this in a rally organized in poll-bound Rajasthan’s Malakhera town. Elections are going to be held there on Friday.


Hinting towards Ambanis, Rahul said that India’s most rich people have helped Modi to gain power in 2014, and now Narendra Modi is paying them back with all his loyalty. Rahul also said that Modi is ignoring the topic of Controversial Rafale deal, Blackmoney because he is in the mud too.


Rahul Gandhi is attacking Modi since the matter of Rafale jet deal came out in the open.

Gandhi also alleged that the money of common people was transferred to the rich industrialists, and Modi should change the name of his schemes to “Nirav Modi Yojana and Ambani Yojana.”

Talking more about his rivals, and less about his party’s manifesto, Rahul said, “We will show Modi how to waive off farm loans in 10 days of forming the government. That is the true meaning of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. We should take care of those who built this nation.”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also on his election tour. In a rally in Hanumangarh, Modi said that if Congress would have been visionary enough, Kartarpur could have remained in India. But what could we do now?


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