Modi Rap Song: BJP’s ad campaign to connect Young Voters

Remember all those ads running everywhere; old uncles and aunties with a grey background saying Abki Baar Modi Sarkar? Everyone does. We all know the ad campaigns and the marketing/PR team of Narendra Modi did a great job in 2014.
But what about 2019? Last time Modi had the failures of Congress to back those ads. And he doesn’t even have his own policies to back him now. In short, the job is tougher this time for his ad campaigners.
According to some estimates, there are around 10 Crore voters who will vote for the first time in upcoming elections. And this number is enough to change or retain the seat of government. For luring these young voters, BJP IT cell has released a rap song.
Have a listen.

Prime Minister himself has shared a similar song on Twitter from his official Twitter account.
The question is – Are these hashtags of Modi Once More, Modi 2.0 going to work without any major achievement of government?

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