Modi's LS Campaign was full of with lies, poison, and hatred: Rahul Gandhi

Modi's LS Campaign was full of with lies, poison, and hatred: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi claims in Wayanad; Narendra Modi’s uses poison of hatred to divide this country and his Lok Sabha Campaign was full of with lies, poison, and hatred

Proceeding with his assault on the leader on the second day of his visit to Wayanad, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha elections war was loaded up with "poisons, lies, and hatred", however, his parties represented truth, love or affection.
On his first visit to his voting public subsequent to being chosen to Lok Sabha, Rahul tended to party workers at Kalpetta, Kambalakadu, and Panamaram during a roadshow on Saturday. Countless Congress-drove United Democratic Front specialists and ladies thronged the course.
Congress general secretary accountable for Karnataka KC Venugopal, Leader of Opposition in Kerala Assembly Ramesh Chennithala, Kerala Congress boss Mullappally Ramachandran were with Rahul in his vehicle. Rahul said Modi "uses hatred, anger and lies" which are his "weapons". He said his parties will keep on battling the "most noticeably terrible assessments" the PM Narendra Modi shows.

"At the national level, we are battling poison. Modi's battle was loaded up with anger, poisons, hatred and partitioned the population of the nation. He uses lies in the election... Congress represented truth, love, and warmth," he said tending to the group at Kalpetta.
At Kambalakadu, Rahul said there are huge difficulties in Wayanad which can be settled by cooperating. "My main responsibility is to speak to all of Wayanad. People from different parties supported me in the election in 2019. There are enormous difficulties and issues in Wayanad. We will cooperate and comprehend everything," he said.
Rahul had challenged the Lok Sabha decision from Wayanad, notwithstanding his family bastion of Amethi, yet lost to Union minister Smriti Irani in the Uttar Pradesh voting. He won from Wayanad with an average margin of about 4.31 lakh votes.

After the Congress parties poor show in the second back to back general election, Rahul had offered to leave as the Congress president, however, it was dismissed by the parties’ most noteworthy basic leadership body. Congress won by 52 seats in the 2019 selection poll. Anyway, in Kerala, the main state other than Punjab and Tamil Nadu where it progressed nicely, the parties and its partners won 19 out of 20 seats.

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