More than 250 terrorists killed, claimed Shah in a rally

More than 250 terrorists killed, claimed Shah in a rally

There is a famous line in journalism - ‘Facts are sacred, opinion is free’. But it seems that even facts are not so sacred when it comes to nationalism. The factual data of the number of terrorists killed in airstrike done by Indian Air Force is not settled between Political Parties.
BJP Supremo Amit Shah claimed that more than Two Hundred and Fifty terrorists were killed in the air strike done last week. The news is confirmed by the news agency ANI.
The air strike was done in retaliation to the attack on a CRPF convoy in J&K Pulwama district in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed on 14th of February.
“After the Pulwama attack, everyone thought surgical strike can’t be done this time, now what will happen? At that time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government conducted an airstrike on the 13th day and killed more than 250 terrorists. Without a single [civilian] casualty,” said Amit Shah in a rally.
A number of numbers are circulating in media of how many terrorists are killed in the airstrike. Most of them are claiming the number to be more than 300. Some are even boasting it up to 600. However, there are no official statements on the death toll.
On one hand, Bhartiya Janta party is alleging on parties, that are questioning the legitimacy of numbers of terrorists killed, that they are politicizing the issue. While, on the other hand, parties in the opposition are claiming that BJP is ‘milking the issue’ for its personal gains.
After the border issue, Shah picked the dynastic politics of Congress to attack them on. “What was wrong with the king and his kingdom? It had only one problem. Even if the king’s son was a fool, he would succeed the king. But should someone become the prime minister just because he is my son, irrespective of whether he has any capability?” said Amit Shah.

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