More than 300 corpses on the way of Everest shows the way to destination

More than 300 corpses on the way of Everest shows the way to destination

The climb of the world's highest peak Everest has proved to be dangerous and 11 climbers have died in the last 9 days. The first unsuccessful attempt at Fatah on Everest was in 1921.

While the first breakthrough was achieved by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Climbing Everest is one of the most difficult and struggling tasks in the world. Since the first attempt to climb Everest, more than 308 climbers have died.

The highest deaths in 8848 meters (29,029 feet) high are 8,000 meters (26,000 feet) and above it. This is called the Death Zone. Climbing Mount Everest on Everest is very difficult to bring back. That's why they are left there. Only the bodies of climbers reveal the way to climb Everest.

These bodies work as milestones for climbers who come in the future to conquer the Everest. Looking at these dead bodies, new mountaineers find the right path.

These corpses are not lost on the Everest since the last 98 years. The biggest reason for this is the Everest's temperature. The minimum temperature of Everest ranges from -16 degrees to -40 degrees. At this temperature, dead bodies of dead climbers are not spoiled.

6 deaths in 1970

6 deaths in 1974

12 deaths in 1996

16 deaths in 2014

22 deaths in 2015

How many climbers killed from these countries

Nepal: 119

India-Japan: 19-19

UK: 17

USA: 15

China: 12

D. Korea: 11

Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia: 7-7

Canada, France: 6-6

Czechoslovakia: 5

Spain: 4

Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland: 3-3

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Taiwan, Yugoslavia: 2-2

Others: 13

How were the deaths caused

Avalanche- 68

By falling- 67


Altitude Sickness - 21

Heart attack- 11

Fatigue- 15

Others- 83

How many deaths in the Everest area

Near the peak (8848 m) - 50% fall, 10% of the brain swelling and 40% for unknown reasons.

South Column (7906 m) - Exposure by 55.6%, 11.1% by swelling of the brain, 11.1% exhaustion and 22.2% fall.

Lose Face (7400 m) - 42.8% decrease, 14.3% fall, 14.3% by falling snow, 14.3% by sharp stones and 14.3% unknown.

North Column (7020 meters) - 100% deaths just by chance.

Base Camp: 30.7% fall, 15.4% from a heart attack and for other reasons.

Climbers Traffic Jam on Everest

This time, due to bad weather, there was little time to climb Everest. At the same time, Nepal has issued a permit to 381 people. 7.6 lakhs are charged for the permit. Because of this, climbers face the crowd on Everest.

A photograph posted on Instagram from a climber shows a look at the traffic jam on top of the world's highest mountain. A large number of mountaineers are trying to move forward on the top of the Everest.

According to Meera Acharya, spokesman of the Tourism Department of Nepal, there were 2 Indians among those who lost their lives on the Everest. Kalpana Das, 52, succeeded in reaching the top, but she died on Thursday while landing. At the same time, 27-year-old Nihal Bhagwan was killed in the way back.

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