Mother killed her son for sending her to an assisted living facility

Mother killed her son for sending her to an assisted living facility

Anna Mae Blessing told the police officer her devastating story. Her son told her that he was sending her to an assisted living facility as she is becoming difficult to live with. She was up for three-four days due to this as how his son put it up so easily.

The 92-years-old didn’t want it to happen; there was no way for her to be in assisted living facilities.

On Monday, a police officer received a call from a home in the Arizona town of Foundation Hills just lies just outside of the Phoenix. They found a 72-years-old blessing’s sons died at the place. As per the records, he was shot in the neck and jaw area that caused instant death. The mother who has been suspected to do so was found sitting in her recliner in her bedroom.

While getting arrested, Blessing told the officers, "You took my life, so I'm taking yours,"

It’s been six months when Blessing started to live with her son and his girlfriend in the home at Foundation hills. As per the authorities, the elderly woman felt that her son, who is still not identified, was sending her to the facility centre and taking away her life. However, on Monday, Blessing got the two girls that she own from under a shelf in her room where she has kept them. It is a revolver that was purchased by her in the 1970 and has .25 calibre pistol that was her late husband’s. She hides them in her pocket and moved to the master bedroom where his son was with his girlfriend. She confronted him with the truth about the assisted facility living.

The blessing was tired of the way her son was treating her and hence she fired a round from her revolver that also shatters the bedroom’s and bathroom’s mirror. The next show made her son collapse on the floor. She then checked his pulse only to realise that she killed her own son.

She then put her attention to her son’s girlfriend that was hiding by the bed. As per the girlfriend, Blessing pointed her gun at her and she started to wrestle with the elderly lady throwing the gun in the corner. Blessing then got another gun which she wrestles again and ran out of the room and called the police.

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone said in a statement "It is always concerning when domestic issues escalate to violence or tragic outcomes," "They are often isolated and neither predictable nor preventable."

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