Mother “Trying to sell medication” for terminally ill child faces jail

Mother “Trying to sell medication” for terminally ill child faces jail

On Wednesday, in Russia, a mother of a terminally ill six years old boy faces a total of eight years of prison when she tried to sell some anti-seizure medication that she has purchased for her kid, as said by charities.

It is first of its kind case – is horrifying even for the charities that are working for the betterment of others and activists that are dealing with more heart-wrenching cases in their day-to-day activities.

The policed opened the criminal case last month when a mother of two bought a diazepam rectal gel from some distribution of narcotics in Moscow. The thing turned out shocking when the police found out that it is banned in Russia and cannot be sold legally. The mother purchased it to treat her son who is suffering from Arseny’s seizures.

The prescribed medication of Diazepam is used for the treatment of anxiety and seizure. It is available in several forms such as rectal gel tubes and ampoules.

In Russia, the ampoules are a registered medication whereas rectal gel tubes are not registered. However, they are more convenient to administer and have no painful effects on the person. In the West, it is highly popular and is used widely.

There are many anti-epileptic drugs that are used on children are not registered in Russia that pressurizes parents to get them illegally. They go abroad or purchase them by illegal from the black market to treat their child.

The police in Moscow performed a sting operation to reach the depth of the scene which makes them detain Konnova. She is a single mom who is trying to sell out the tubes that are no longer needed by her.

Konnova stated that “It’s been hell” in reference to her son’s condition. She added that her son needed the medication which was expensive drugs. She couldn’t afford them but her son needed them all the time. She added, “Arseny suffers pain 24/7”

The deputy director of the Lighthouse writes, "He's got a tube in his stomach, a tube in his neck and he also suffers from terrible seizures, many times a day, every day," "We are horrified by what's happening because if Konnova goes to prison Arseny will end up in a care home for the disabled where he will quickly die and his elder brother will go to an orphanage," 

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