Narendra Modi commented on Mann Ki Baat, Saying yoga ushering in wellness revolution, credits states for the success of GST

On Sunday, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, addressed the 45th edition of his radio show “Mann Ki Baat”. He mentioned the Afghanistan and India Test Match that happen earlier this month saying that he hailed it. Not only this, he even mentioned the celebration of 4th International yoga day for the wellness revolution.

He called the test match between Afghanistan and India as a historic match and praised Rashid Khan calling him an asset to the cricket world. He also applauded his performance in the Indian Premier League matches this year. Not only this, he also said that another reason to remember the test match is that Indian team invited the Afghan team for the group photo they took with the trophy.

Also, PM showcases his spirit for the world of sports and health. He wished that the players of India and Afghanistan will play with the better spirit in the future as well by giving their hundred per cent to the world.

On yoga, we all know that Modi celebrated his day with an immense pride by practising yoga with more than 500 other people. Modi said that it is such a pride moment for India that even out of the country yoga is celebrated with zeal. He mentioned the celebration of Saudi Arabia on the International Yoga Day for the first time in the history. It is moving towards the revolutionize wellness world.

Modi also mentioned Magahr, a town in Uttar Pradesh that he will visit on Thursday. He mentioned Sant Kabir Das in his speech saying that he took Samadhi in the same town which is considered to be pure due to this. It is stated that a person that will die in Maghar will go to heaven straight to the heaven. The Samadhi represented the peace and unifying of people that will resolve all their differences.

He even mentioned the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, saying that it will be 100 years to the horrific incident in 2019. It is a great message for the people that believe that violence can solve things. No, it won’t solve anything.

He even mentioned the unique initiative of Bengaluru where IT engineers and corporates come up with the double farmer’s idea through Sahaj Samadhi Trust. He praises their start and wishes to see more of it.

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