NCW served notice to Rahul Gandhi for his “misogynistic” comments

NCW served notice to Rahul Gandhi for his “misogynistic” comments

The National Commission for Women has issued a notice to INC supremo Rahul Gandhi for his alleged “misogynistic” remarks spoken against Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The NCW said that those remarks were highly misogynistic and unethical.
Rahul Gandhi, while attacking Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha on Rafale Deal, said that the Prime Minister is hiding under a “woman”, instead of facing it like a man.
Rahul said in his speech, “The watchman with a 56-inch chest ran away and told a woman, Sitharaman Ji, defend me. I won't be able to defend myself, defend me. For two and a half hours, the woman could not defend him. I had asked a straight question - answer yes or no - but she couldn't answer.”
The NCH chairperson Mrs Rekha Sharma criticised for his unnecessary masculinity and misogynistic and added that he needs to respect women. She said, “He should explain his statement and should have apologised... Nirmala Sitharaman is the defence minister of India... we did not expect such statements by the president of a party which gave India its first and only female PM. What did Gandhi mean when he said ‘be a man’?”
Modi, seeing the opportunity, criticised Rahul Gandhi in a public rally and openly called him sexist. He said, “Our defence minister shut the opposition leaders in Parliament and exposed all their lies, so they have resorted to insulting her now. This is an insult to the women in the country."
Modi has said a number of times that Nirmala Sitharaman is a strong woman and she has shut the mouth of opposition with her powerful speech of Rafale deal in Lok Sabha.
Amit Shah also strongly reacted to Gandhi and demanded that Rahul should apologize to Nirmala Sitharaman. He wrote, “Defence Minister Sitharaman’s outstanding speech in Parliament has silenced the opposition. Unable to counter her on facts, they’re resorting to misogyny. They owe an apology to India’s Nari Shakti.”

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