Nepal and China to build Tibet-Kathmandu Rail Link

Nepal and China to build Tibet-Kathmandu Rail Link

Nepal and China have come to an agreement to build a railway that will connect Tibet and Kathmandu. On Friday, the reports come out that there were several deals signed in Beijing when the Prime Minister of Nepal visited.

The Nepal government is currently seeking ways to establish ties and energy supplies. Also, they want investment for the infrastructure from the China government that has more economic rate and diplomatic muscle power in the last decade in the Himalayan neighbours.

However, the growing presence of Beijing has managed to raise hackle in Nepal India traditional ally.

On Thursday, the two managed to sign more than 10 corporative documents when Prime Minister KP Sharma visited China in an Oli trip. The reports were trying to get the in-depth knowledge of all the deals but not much details are out yet.

The rail route will link Nepal’s capital with the Gyirong trading port located in the city of Tibet, Xigaze as cited by the foreign minister of China.

As per the reports, on Wednesday, there was two-sided agreement that is signed between them that is worth $2.4 billion with the Chinese investors investing money for the development of hydroelectricity, cement factories, water resources, farming and fruit cultivation.

On Thursday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stated to Oli that he is hoping the countries will now negotiate the free trading also and that too very soon. However, China is very keen to work with Nepal as an associate in order to build this interconnectivity network covering the Himalayas through ports, highways, railways, communications and aviation’s as per said by Li.

Oli expressed his support to the Nepal government for the China road and belt initiative which will be a global trade infrastructure project. However, New Delhi is not in the favour of the initiative as China-Pakistan %50 billion economic corridors will be the part of this initiative going through Pakistan-Kashmir.

Nepal and India have to be in a peaceful alliance for many years. It has also promised infrastructure project to China but Beijing is bend for the Himalayas region. Well, the project is signed and will be started soon.

No further report is out after the sign and no one knows the exact time of the project start but whatever it is, this simple decision has put a strain in an India-Nepal relationship that will be tested in time.

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