New features of WhatsApp, Picture-in-Picture mode for all the Android to easily watch YouTube, Instagram videos

New features of WhatsApp, Picture-in-Picture mode for all the Android to easily watch YouTube, Instagram videos

As per the reports. WhatsApp is working on its new feature that will provide Picture-in-Picture support to the Android users. There is no doubt that the messaging application is having an eventful year with the testing and launching of new features with a high rate. This year they have given iOS users PiP support for their WhatsApp. The new feature will be launched soon on Android devices, the users will be able to play videos from YouTube and Instagram in a small window that too within the app itself without switching it. You will be able to enjoy the video sent by your contacts without actually switching off the application.

WhatsApp is actually working on this feature for quite some time now to provide the Picture-in-Picture support to their users. They have recently launched a beta version of the Google Play Programme. The application that is launched doesn’t have the features as for now due to the development reason but will soon be available in the market with improvement for all of the WhatsApp users officially. The WhatsApp is working on this feature for a few months and is trying to add more improvement in the application to launch it in the next few updates.

Whenever the update will be seen in the application, you will be able to actually see the coloured version of the videos on the Instagram or YouTube links with Whit-colored-party inside the application. There will be a box that will allow you to expand or even placed anywhere in the application window itself. In the meantime, you can still text or forward the messages to another person while the video will play in the background, to be exact in the window.

However, same can’t be said about the Instagram stories as it is possible that the feature won’t work for it in the initial time. The Picture-in-Picture will do for all the videos of the Instagram and YouTube except the stories setting. However, there is no update when this feature will fall in the market but it is expected to be soon in the next few updates the feature is already launched in the iOS phone hence even the android users can expect it soon. But till then you need to watch the videos by switching off the application only. 

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