New Revelations in Burari Case, Deaths are not suicide

New Revelations in Burari Case, Deaths are not suicide

Just a few months back, complete India was in shock when the eleven members of the family were found dead at their home hanging from the ceiling. In the North Delhi location, Burari, there are new revelations made by the police. In July, the family didn’t die due to suicide but as per their psychological autopsy, they died of “accident that occurred during a ritual"

The Delhi Police asked the CBI – Central Bureau of Investigation to conduct a psychological autopsy for which the results are finally out. The reports clearly read, "On the basis of the psychological autopsy study on the deceased, the incident was not a suicide but an accident that occurred during the course of performing a ritual. None of the deceased had an intention to put an end to his/her life," 

During the psychological autopsy phase, the Central Forensic Science were busy in analyzing the notes that were extracted from the house and also the statements were given by members of Chundawat family and friends that were recorded by the police.

Dinesh Singh Chundawat, matriarch, the eldest son of the family was also investigated by the police along with his sister and their respective family members.

In the psychological autopsy, the mental state of the person is studying as per the analyses of the statement given by family or friends and by the medical records. Also, there is much research conducted on their state of mind that leads them to their death.

In July, when the family death happens, the police extracted a number of notes and diaries that were written by the members only for more than 11 years. In those notes and diaries, the family was talking to each other about attaining God and were supposedly in touch with their dead father.

As per the investigation, it is said that Lalit Chundawat, the member of this family, was visited by his dead father who guided him to the path of rituals. He even dictated several of thing to the family members which were followed by every one of them. He was the one who drives the whole ritual in which the hands and feet of the family members were to be tied and face must be covered up by a cloth.

Out of those eleven members, 10 were found hanging from the ceiling while the oldest member of the family, 77-year-old Narayan Devi was lying on the floor in the different room.

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