Nine BJP leaders arrested in Sabarimala

Nine BJP leaders arrested in Sabarimala

The most literate and “forward” state is burning in the fire of anti-women protests. Even after the verdict of the Supreme Court, women are not being allowed to enter in the Sabarimala by right-wing bodies, and even by "secular" Congress.

According to a news report by Hindustan Times, around nine leaders of Bhartiya Janta are arrested by the Kerala Police on Sunday. The leaders are arrested for violating prohibitory orders at Nilakkal base camp near Sabarimala temple. The local Police have imposed sanctions in the nearby area as incidents of violence are happening since the issue of Sabarimala has been raised by Feminists.

Mr B Goplalakrishnan is the state BJP spokesperson in Kerala. He organised a protest after the police told him to retreat from Sabarimala within 6 to 7 hours. Gopalakrishnan didn't listen to the police orders and as a result, the police arrested him saying he is violating the prohibitory orders.

BJP is also working behind the curtain to move elephant to his side. A four-member team of BJP met with the Kerala Governor Mr P Sathasivam asking for his intervention in the matter. The meeting was held on Sunday.

The BJP members said to the Governor that the situation is more or less like "undeclared emergency" imposed on the general public by a left party.

According to a report by news agency PTI, the members said, "Anybody and everybody, including children chanting hymns or singing bhajans at the shrine, is arrested and put behind bars. False cases are framed against them, often unbailable.”

The senior BJP leader K Surendran is in the Jail for two weeks. Talking about his situation, the BJP state president PS Sreedharan said, [BJP] general secretary AN Radhakrishnan will start his fast in front of the Secretariat [in Thiruvananthapuram] on Monday.” He also said that keeping a BJP leader in the jail shows a Stalinist face of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan


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