Nitish Kumar planning to retire in 2020?

Nitish Kumar planning to retire in 2020?

Elections in Bihar are not near, they are going to be held in 2020. Yet the political ground is getting hot as RLSP’s chief raised questions on Nitish Kumar's future.
Upendra Kushwaha, Rashtriya Lok Samata Party chief, made some shocking remarks on Wednesday during a party event. He claimed that Nitish Kumar told him that he is going to retire in 2020 as he has fulfilled his job and will retire from politics after the 2020 elections.
According to Kushwaha, Nitish said, “I am neither doing any politics nor I am making any satirical comment on the CM, but he (Nitish Kumar) has himself expressed his desire not to continue beyond 2020. I have ruled for 15 years. How long will I be the CM,”
Kushwaha made these remarks at a party event organised on Sardar Patel’s 143rd anniversary.
The peculiar thing here to be noticed is that Nitish Kumar or any other member of his party never hinted on such a thing. But Kushwaha said that Nitish is a good friend of him and he is not doing any politics while making such remarks.
On the contrary, Janata Dal (United) spokesperson Neeraj Kumar denied Kushwaha’s statement, saying Kumar was a chief minister “by virtue of people’s mandate and the legislators’ choice”
Political Analysts says that Kushwaha made these remarks as he is not happy with the Amit Shah’s announcement on seat allotment of 2019 pools. On October 26, Bhartiya Janta Party president Amit Kumar said that equal seats will be shared between Janta Dal-United and Bhartiya Janta Paty while a respectable number of seats will be allocated to other members in NDA.
So the BIG QUESTION of the hour is, Is Nitish Kumar really planning to retire? And if not Nitish Kumar than who? 

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