Nitish Kumar’s Party Sees a Cloak and dagger game behind the Governor letter

Nitish Kumar’s Party Sees a Cloak and dagger game behind the Governor letter

There is no doubt that Tejashwi Yadav has been unsparing in his sharp attacks from the first day. But even Nitish Kumar’s party is not far away. Janata Dal-United is all prepared for whatever is thrown their way. Whether you name it a tragedy or scandal, it is as big as it can be possible. Total of three dozen girls with a minimum age of 7 are put up in the state-funded home and shelter homes to protect them from rape with the hands of the single man who was meant to safeguard them as per the government in charge.

On top of that, there are accusations thrown at Nitish Kumar’s Party that one of his ministers is involved. The only unexpected thing that no one thought of is Tejashwi’s backing out of this whole thing. Even on Saturday at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, he didn’t take up his protest. However, some of the letters that are written by the Governor Satyapal Mallik has left the party and Chief Minister stunned. Out of them, two letters were marked by Nitish Kumar while one of each is done by the high court chief justice and union law minister Ravi Shankar Prashad.

As per the JDU leader, it is a huge embarrassment for the party. However, there is a growing and powerful that the move is not originated from the Raj Bhavan. Nitish Kumar and Satyapal Malik have known each other for almost a decade now and are a part of JDU since it was led by former Prime Minister VP Singh. It didn’t surprise anyone when Satyapal Malik started his stint by hugging Nitish Kumar in the Bihar Government last year.

Now it can be the payback time for all the time when Nitish Kumar read out the riot act to the leaders of BJP that are attempting to stir fire many states. Or it can be an attempt to erode the creditability of the Chief Minister for three terms with the image of Sushasan Babu.

Even a second JDU leader has confirmed that the assessment of the decision will be nudged up in Raj Bhavan and they will be picking up the pen that has been choreographed and dictated everywhere else. But headed later on that it is not the work of BJP in Bihar. The leader added, "Most probably the BJP headquarters in Delhi," 

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