No answer to the million-dollar question even after a day after Kolkata bridge collapse

No answer to the million-dollar question even after a day after Kolkata bridge collapse

Majerhat Bridge collapsed in Kolkata and killing two people. A culpable homicide case was filed in the police station but it is like nobody’s business even after a day of its collapse. As a matter of fact, the complaint file is done by some unknown person who is not known by anyone as of now.

However, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, rushed at the spot immediately after she landed in Kolkata from North Bengal. She pointed out the figure on the Metro Construction that was going on just next to the bridge.

She said, "Local people have said when piling goes on at the Metro rail site, the whole area vibrates like an earthquake has struck. That used to happen during construction of the Kolkata Metro also. That is practical. We are not playing down any angle. Nor do we want to give some angle a certificate and get diverted from the real issues," 

Even Firhad Hakim, her top minister who also watch out the Urban Affair Ministry added to her statement, "No I don't think that. I have seen this bridge since childhood. On the contrary, I will say that the huge construction going on beside the bridge... I am not an engineer but as a layman, the heavy piling for it has vibrated the structure of the bridge and that could be a cause of the fall-down."

However, later that night, a report came out by RVNL, the executing agency for construction of the Joka-Esplanade Metro that has clearly denied any linkage of the bridge collapse with the station construction. The statement said ‘The collage is a mid-span girder failure’. It has added, "There is no relationship between the Metro construction and the mid-span girder failure... The Metro has stopped construction in the area one year ago."

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Amitabh Ghosh who is the top bridge building engineer also agrees to say, "It is a pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete girder failure and has nothing to do with Metro piling. In fact, the Majerhat bridge is also piling-based. If Metro construction had affected the bridge, pilings that must be some 60 feet deep, then the piers would have also collapsed, not the slab."

However, on asking Mamata Banerjee about the agency that was in charge of the structure. She didn’t have any answer to it and simply shrug off the question.

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