No Minimum courtesy for Union Minister from Odisha Government

No Minimum courtesy for Union Minister from Odisha Government

On Monday, BJD government was hit out with a force by BJP in Odisha. They accused them of playing very cheap politics and also claimed that BJD disrespected their Union Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey when he visited the state to inaugurate the medical college. They have taken these things as a sign of disrespect to the whole party and are not at all happy with the treatment.

KV Singhdeo, the BJP Legislature party leader added that the state government was in returned accused the central government saying that they are neglecting Odisha and are not at all focused on it as well like other states. And added, "but in reality, it is cleverly attempting to hijack central schemes and to project them entirely as its own programmes".

The Odisha government is alleged that they show minimum courtesy to Ashwini Kumar Choubey the Union Minister of the state or even showed some respect to them when he visited the state. Signhdeo also said that his name was missing from the invitation cards as well that were sent out to the guests on the occasion of the inauguration in Balasore of the Fakir Mohan Medical College and Hospital.

Choubey’s name was also not on the list of the advertisements by the state government through the centre is actually providing a total of 60 per cent for just setting up the five medical colleges and hospitals in Odisha. These five colleges include the Balasore one which was inaugurated.

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The state government failed to acknowledge them even in the advertisements that simply showed their lack of minimum courtesy even after getting substantial assistance from the centre for the establishment of the hospital and medical colleges.

The BJP leader said, “Instead of being thankful to the centre for extending necessary assistance and support to improve medical education and healthcare, the state government is indulging in cheap politics,"

On top of that, the BJP leader said that there was no proper security cover Choubey who falls in the category of Y security while his visit to Odisha.

Singhdeo added, "There was nobody from the state government to receive the union minister who had come to the Odisha as a guest when he arrived at the airport here and was also not provided proper security during his journey from here to Balasore,"

However, Pratab Jena, the State Health Minister have shrugged off all the allegations saying that everything was done in accordance with the protocol.

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