Noida Police restrained Muslims from offering Namaz in Public Parks

Noida Police restrained Muslims from offering Namaz in Public Parks

What's the right thing to do prevent the community from any kind of communal tension. “Don’t let minority practice their religion,” that's what Noida Police think.
The Police in Noida has asked the private companies to make sure that the employees working in their companies do not offer namaz in parks. According to a report by the Indian Express, The police served a notice to companies that they will be held liable if their employees are found offering namaz in parks.

The notice states, “We want to inform you that there is no permission from the administration to conduct any kind of religious activity including namaz offered on Friday in the Authority park in Sector 58.
It has been often seen that the Muslim workers of your company assemble in the park to offer namaz and me, the SHO [police station house officer], have told the group to not hold prayers in the park. Also, their plea to the city magistrate has not received any permission to do so.
Thus, it is expected from you that you at your level inform your Muslim employees to not come to the park to offer namaz. If employees of your company come to the park, it will be assumed that you have not informed your employees and your company will be held liable.”
Noida police said that they have to take the step to prevent any society from any kind of communal tension.
Pankaj Rai, the station house officer in Sector 58, talked to The Indian Express about the notice. He said, “Since most people offering prayers are employees in companies nearby, we have sent notices to those companies to ask their employees to either offer namaz in a mosque, Eidgah or within the office compound, on the roof, etc.”
“Earlier only around 10-15 people assembled in the parks to offer Friday prayers and there were no complaints regarding that. Over the last couple of weeks, around 500-600 people assembled in the afternoon to offer namaz and we got several complaints regarding such assembly of people in the public park.”

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