Not so breaking news: Yogi claimed that Only BJP can build Ram Mandir.

Not so breaking news: Yogi claimed that Only BJP can build Ram Mandir.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and the President of Hindu Yuva Vahini Mr Yogi Adityanath said that BJP will remove poverty from India.

Heck, he didn’t say that. He just can’t. Yogi talking about removing Poverty is like a Communist talking about growing Nation’s economy. You know it can’t happen because it is a real world, not Utopia.
Now, the real news is, Yogi Adityanath claimed that only Bhartiya Janta Party can build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya (As if some other party is competing with them to build Ram Mandir. No Yogi Ji. No one is trying to steal your business).
In a Kumbha Mela, Yogi was addressing Hindu Devotees. And According to the Hindustan Times, he said, “Let there be no doubt. Only we [BJP] can construct Ram temple in Ayodhya. No other party will be able to build it.”
Yogi Adityanath claimed that Hindu culture is the only culture of India. (Others are from Pakistan, he forgot to mention). NDTV quoted him saying, “The languages, castes, regions, eating habits, dialects may be different... From a political point of view, there can be differences in India, but the country has only one culture, the ‘Hindu culture’. And, all of us should feel proud about it.”
Yogi also claimed that the “Puranic Technology” is not a myth but was a reality in past. He said, “ Pushpak Vimaan was not a myth but reality. Sage Bhardwaj had written ‘Viman Shastra’ which gives the theory of Pushpak Vimaan.”
(Extra note: In the near future, If you see some giant thing flying in the sky, Don’t shout your guts out seeing it. It’s not missile from North Korea. Probably it’s Yogi Adityanath flying in Pushpak Viman. He often travels in Pushpak Viman. UP Govt website shows his travelogue. Last month, he made a journey from Kanpur to Venice, in the same Pushpak Viman Sage Bhardwaj talked about in his “novel”.)


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