Nothing is fun about upcoming elections, except these facts

Nothing is fun about upcoming elections, except these facts

India is one of the most ‘epic’ countries in the world. And I’m not saying this because by luck I was born in this country. But because it is one of the most democratic countries in the world. In spite of the low education rates, our country is having Lok Sabha elections every 5 years for the past 70 years.
Do you know that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections will include 900 million voters? That’s more than the whole population of most of the countries. Here are some more interesting facts about Indian Democracy to brag about:
    • In the last 2014 Lok Sabha elections, in which BJP won, there were 815 eligible voters. Out of which 550 million cast their votes.
    • India got Independence in 1947. But the first election was held in 1951. The eligible voters during that time were more than 170 million.
    • More than 85 million eligible voters increased in India since last elections held in 2014.
    • Supreme Court recognised transgenders as the third gender in India. More than 38,000 transgenders are eligible to cast their votes in the upcoming elections.
    • Our democracy is a young one. About 33 per cent of the eligible voters come under the age of thirty-five.
    • More than Seventeen Thousand litres of Alcohol was seized by election commission in 2014, that was planned to give to voters to buy their votes.

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