Onlookers told a Teen to “Jump Quickly”, the death led to the Soul-Searching in China

Onlookers told a Teen to “Jump Quickly”, the death led to the Soul-Searching in China

In China, a teenage girl committed suicide after her case for sexual harassment was dismissed. This has managed to trigger the soul-searching process in the whole nation over her treatment and is also angered on the onlookers who actually motivated her to jump off the building.

Last week, a 19-year-old teen, Li Yiyi, committed suicide by jumping off the eighth floor of a department store building in Northwest Gansu province, Qingyang as reported by a police officer.

The video of her committing suicide is circulated online which lead to the outcry of the public that was not at all happy with the circumstances that lead to her death. Even in the wide, the onlooker's words were clearly heard that were motivating her to “jump quickly” while the fire-fighter team was trying to save her from all this.

On Monday, police managed to capture two people that are detained for booing her and they have started their investigation on the verbal abusive online post about the 19-year-old teen.

Even people come forward of Weibo that is similar to Twitter saying "The world is getting more and more indifferent. I'm scared. Just how mentally defected are those people who booed her to jump?"

This managed to put a light on the case that she applied for about sexual abuse and her legal advances that she tried to achieve. Li was not at all happy with the outcome as the prosecutors cleared teacher of a high school that was accused in September 2016 about kissing the girl forcefully an even trying to take her clothes off.

The teen and her father were trying to get justice by putting the man behind the bars. However, the prosecutor has something else in mind as he proved that it was a little bit offensive but not a big of a crime to put a man behind the bars. When she appealed to the higher prosecutor that also result was similar and then also the case was rejected on spot.

The only result was that he was detained but he still goes the job save.

Users do Weibo were not at all happy too, "She fought for two years. Except for her father, no one including teachers, the school, the court and the prosecutor cared about her pain. Only those firefighters kept trying to save her,’

The firefighters was very upset about her death and were deeply sorry.

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