Overbridge collapsed in Mumbai, Six dead till now

Overbridge collapsed in Mumbai, Six dead till now

A foot overbridge collapsed in Mumbai, killing at least Six people till now. An FIR has been filed by the Mumbai Police against the local Municipal Corporation, that is, BMC.
Chief Minister of Mumbai, Devendra Fadnavis, ordered the BMC’s commissioner to solve the issue of “primary responsibility of the accident” within 24 hours. The FIR was also filed by the Police after Fadnavis ordered to do so.
The BMC will now find the municipal staff and the quality auditor of the bridge who cleared the bridge fit for use. According to a report by The Indian Express, the structure was audited six months ago by some BMC staff and was declared “fit for use”.
The Police filed the FIR against BMC has it has confessed that the maintenance of the bridge came under their supervision, hence accountability of any mishappening is also of BMC.
To have political gains, Congress demanded the resignation of Railways Minister Piyush Goyal just hours after the incident. Sensing the importance of time during which the mishappening happened, Devendra Fadnawis also took quick action in the case.
The bridge was commonly known as “Kasab Bridge”. During the terror attacks in Mumbai, terrorist Ajmal Kasab used the same bridge. It was standing their past 30 years.
The bridge connected Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station to the Azad Maidan police station and the Times of India building in south Mumbai.
“A structural audit of the bridge had earlier been done, and it was found to be fit. If such an incident happened even after that, it raises a question on the audit. An inquiry will be carried out. Strictest action will be taken," said Devendra Fadnavis on the issue.

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