Pakistan is writing their name in Hindi, Hindustan is in Urdu. This Twitter trend is spreading the love.

What comes first into your mind when you read the ‘Twitter’. Can’t say about you, but the first word came in mind is ‘Rage’.
Come on, I’m not exaggerating it. There may be exceptional cases here and there, but what mostly Twitter is used for is hate comments, hate trends or people bashing Zomato for their cold food.
But, these exceptional cases I talked about is quite (a lot) EXCEPTIONAL.
Again I’m not exaggerating. What could be more exceptional then love between Indians and Pakistanis?
There is a new trend on Twitter of Indians adding their name in Urdu to their Twitter profile names, to counter the bigotry and hate on the platform.


And Pakistanis reacted the same. They started #MyNameInHindi.


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